The First Snow

Overnight, we experienced our first measurable snowfall. Now some of you would argue that our first snow was around Thanksgiving. But, here in Kansas, we are made of sterner stuff. That incident was nothing more than fluff, a light dusting at the most, evaporated within the day. Even though meterologically, measurable snow is counted at 0.1 or one-one tenth of an inch of snow. 

It’s funny how things change, as a transplanted Southerner, I once would have agreed with you. White stuff falling from the sky is snow. Scary stuff that shuts downs highways and schools for days. But, nowadays, I go clumping up the hillside sans gloves and hat, just to get a view of the first snow covering the valley.  By the time the morning commute is underway, the snow plows have done their job and traffic on the road in front of my house is normal.

But, my wanderings are best taken early morning when a mantle of pristine snow blankets the fields and silence reigns. A profound silence, broken only by the crunching of snow beneath your feet and the panting of the dogs trapsing up the hill in front of you. Ethereal and peaceful in its beauty! Come take a walk with me and ENJOY the first Snow!



This is how we measure snow, here at The Bee Queen!

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature!


The Bee Queen

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Barbara says

Wow, beautiful!

Patricia Gordon says

I miss that special sound of silence after a fresh snowfall.

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