Carrier Oils-Why They are Important to Your Skin


I would like to address the importance of carrier oils in the formulation of skin care. We all understand the basic concept that lotions are made from a combination of oil(s), water, and other ingredients. Both phases are equally important. Without the oil phase, the lotion would not be able to penetrate the surface of the skin and without the water, the lotion would feel like “grease.” The mark of a great lotion is to find the balance between the two phases leaving your skin smooth and supple. A carrier oil is an oil used for, “carrying” or delivering beneficial nutrients to your skin. A carrier oil can be either animal or vegetable based. For the purpose of this discussion, we will discuss plant based or vegetable oils. These oils are derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels or the nuts. Bee Queen Natural’s lotions, balms and lip gloss  are made using vegetable (carrier) oils.  When creating a complex natural lotion, your choice of carrier oil can make a difference in therapeutic properties, such as color, feel, aroma, and shelf life of the end product. We use the following carrier oils in our formulations, carefully chosen for their individual properties and overall combined effect on your skin. Organic Sunflower oil is a carrier oil for the honey. Organic Meadowfoam oil creates the wonderful feeling of slide on your skin Organic apricot kernel oil has a milder scent and aids in skin repair Vitamin E is a natural anti-aging oil. Vitamin E oil helps extend the shelf life in natural formulations. Essential oils are used in our formulations. Essential oils generally require a carrier oil to dilute the astringent effect when used as a stand-alone ingredient. Essential oils provide fragrance such as our new seasonal fragrance Winter Berry, which is a combination of Cranberry, Balsam Fir, and French Vanilla. The scent is simply divine!  Essential oils are nature based, distilled from plant parts like roots and fruits. They leave behind no chemical residue in our body and on our skin and can be safely used by the young and aged. Please visit our store at beequeennaturals.comtoday.  Essential oils provide many therapeutic effects on your skin. Some of these properties include:

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