From the Ashes

WARNING: The following is my sophomoric attempt to wax poetically about the onset of Spring. (Photos included, of course.)

Spring is in the air! You can feel it in many subtle ways. The days are getting longer, the sunlight has a brighter hue. The birds are actively chirping their mating calls and building nests. The trees are beginning to bud and the bees are finding pollen sources and becoming more active. We have finally thrown off the cover of winter and its time to don the gardening gloves and dig in the dirt.

IMG_1918 copy

From my Southern friends, do not think that I haven’t noted your pictures of blooming bulbs and flowering trees with a tad bit of envy. But, we are in transition time here in the Midwest and I remember many an Easter snow, so all in good time.

IMG_1919 copy

I decided to take a walk in search of Spring here on the farm. As usual, I find inspiration for my musings in nature and not withstanding, many of life’s most valuable lessons.

One of the many lessons I’ve learned here on the farm is that nature has a way of taking care of herself. As you recall, we had a grass fire, a few weeks back. Farmers have been burning off the fields for hundreds of years. It is a way of killing weeds and weed seeds without herbicides and it replenishes vital nutrients(potash) into the soil. The older dried chaff from the previous year is removed quickly and in-expensively with a controlled burn, making way for new, young growth.

IMG_1931 copy

You can see the burn line on the hill is marked with dried, dead grass. It’s remarkable, the amount of regrowth that has occurred in such a short period of time.

IMG_0115 copy


IMG_1938 copy

after 30 days

My take away moment: At times, life may be a trial by fire. It may scorch, burn or try to destroy you. But, hope, faith and love will see you though. For you see, these trials reveal a firm foundation. A core of strength, you might not have known before.

IMG_1947 copy

With the unconditional love of your friends and family. All things are possible.

IMG_1943 copy

From the ashes, dawn a new day, a new Spring, life renewed, all in good time.


IMG_1932 copy


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