Nasturtiums are Nice! (and Spicy)

Nasturtiums are a lovely edible flower that adds a spicy punch to any recipe. Nasturtium’s are a member of the watercress family.  According to wikipedia, the word nasturtium derives from the Latin, “nasus tortus,” meaning twisted nose, so named for its peppery taste and sinus clearing capability.

Nasturtiums are fast and easy to grow from seeds. They are hardy and can tolerate neglect and make a nice companion plant for your garden. The flowers add an attractive edible bloom to any recipe and the leaves, best harvested when young make a spicy addition to a fresh, summer salad.

This summer, I was perusing the recipes on Karen Grieves site, Larder Love, one of my favorite food blogs and found a recipe for Nasturtium Hot Sauce. Well, as you can imagine, I was all over that and thought I would share this incredibly easy and nifty recipe with you.

Nasturtium Hot Sauce 

  1. Harvest 2 cups of Nasturtium blooms in the morning before wilted and rinse if dusty then pat dry.
  2. Pack into a 1 pint sterilized mason jar that has been cooled to room temperature.
  3. Add one clove of peeled fresh garlic and one fresh chili pepper(sliced with seeds removed)
  4. Fill with 2 cups white vinegar.
  5. Store in cool, dark place and shake daily for one week.
  6. The vinegar will take on the color of the blooms immediately and will deepen daily.
  7. After one week, strain through through a coffee filter into a bottle. 
  8. Store in refrigerator for up to six months and use in substitute for traditional hot sauce.

A decorative bottle with a stopper makes a great gift.

 So, spice up your recipes with this versatile flower. Its easy and fun!

Enjoy and have a Bee-rific Day!

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