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Hi I’m Julie. Silver Moon Farm All Natural Goat Milk Soap is made by my daughter and I on our small farm in Tennessee. I hand-milk my Alpine and Oberhasli goats every morning and about once a week we make soap together using their rich, creamy milk. I believe in raising my goats as naturally as possible, giving them unlimited access to pasture and woods along with alfalfa pellets in their grain ration for extra protein, and free choice kelp, which is an excellent source of minerals and puts a lovely sheen on their coats. In order to keep producing milk, goats need to have babies every spring. I have to admit, this is my favorite part of raising goats! How can you not love that face?


We make our soap in small batches by hand using the old-fashioned cold process method of combining oils with lye. We use sustainably grown vegetable oils, 100% pure essential oils, shea butter and organic herbs in our soap. We have a lot of fun experimenting with different essential oil combinations and additives like oatmeal, cornmeal, honey, dried lavender, calendula and mint, French clay, and doing seasonal soaps, like our popular Mountain Christmas bar and citrus Gardener’s Soap with cornmeal added for exfoliating. We never know what we’re going to up with when we start experimenting, so we make sure to write everything down so we can recreate it if it turns out to be a good seller. Goat milk soap is more nourishing for your skin than water-based soap as the milk adds proteins, calcium and vitamins that water-based soaps do not. Even in the winter my skin does not dry out when using my goat milk soap. We use coconut oil to create a luxurious lather , olive oil for a radient complexion, palm oil to provide a nice, hard, longer-lasting bar, castor oil, and shea butter for it’s excellent moisturizing capability. We hand cut the bars of soap and allow them to cure for a minimum of 3 weeks before offering them for sale.

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