A Bee Queen Goes a Wandering


It was a cool 57 degrees here today. So cool in fact, that I was able to wear my winter hiking boots on my morning foray out to the gardens. The sun was out and the birds were chirping. The dew soaked grass made a satisfying swishing sound and saturated the hem of my sweats. And yes, I did say sweats and in July, in Kansas. 

On the way to check the mulberry tree, the dogs and I flushed out a couple of rabbits, a covey of morning doves and a rather large Turkey hen (fat on mulberries, I assume). Watching her rather awkward lift off, we decided (or rather they took off and I followed) to continue our way up the hill behind our house. Something I don’t normally do in July. But, as you can see, the view over the valley in the morning sun was well worth the hike.


We wandered on, enjoying the cool breeze and I stopped to check on the little apricot tree that despite years of neglect has somehow managed to survive and bear fruit. And I am again reminded of the history of this property and the people who cared for the vineyards and the orchards that were once here over a hundred years ago.

The dogs always eager for an adventure dragged me upward and onward, reminding me of how importand it is, “to live in the moment.”

Far from the political bickering and social upheaval of televison news and media, I am at peace, inhaling the sights and scents of summer. And I am reminded once again of the natural world that teems around us, going about its work of growth, reproduction and death, the everyday cycle of life.  A living, vibrant world of colors, sights, taste and smells, one I am privileged to share.

There is beauty around us! 

From the cultivated to the weeds.

Sometimes our labors bear fruit.

And other times not.

But even an old dog can find joy in a cool summer morning.

Especially when the only casualty is the young dog’s wet and muddy feet!

So take a moment and revel in the beauty that is around you. 

I challenge you to share your thoughts and photos of the natural world that inspires you. I promise it will uplift your spirits and that of others. I am eager to hear from you.

Have a BEE-rific Day!


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Steve says


Patricia Gordon says

Today was a pretty good medical secretary day, but a long one. Tomorrow, I will share my thoughts, and maybe some photos. Your pictures and a glass of wine have me relaxed, already. Thanks!

    TheQueenBee-admin says

    Thanks Patty, its easy to get stressed expecially when working in the hospital. I’m glad I was able to give you a respite.

Barbara Sanders says

I arrived home yesterday just about 30 minutes before a thunderstorm blew in. My husband was siting in his chair waiting for his supper. I asked him to give me a moment as I step outside to my front porch. My rocking chair was waiting and a cool breeze was blowing. The sound was so relaxing of the breeze blowing through the leaves on our trees. Closing my eyes I could envision myself sitting on the beach as they had the sound of waves crashing on the beach rocks. No birds were singing as a storm was brewing. No sound but the breeze and creak of my rocking chair as I gently rocked relaxing letting the busy day settle to just a memory. I had to go in once the rain started alone with the lighting but I was relaxed and slept hard, awoke refreshed as the new day. That is what a good storm gives to me. I did cook and feed my husband too.

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