Ways to Control the Pizza Oven Temperature Correctly

If you want to prepare pizza quickly with a tiny effort, the pizza oven is an excellent option for this. Usually, it takes several minutes to make it ready. However, it will only happen if the device has the right temperature. Measuring the temperature is not complicated. You may do it with the pizza oven thermometer or a few other methods.

Why is the Right Temperature Significant?

As I have already noted, it takes a little time to cook the pizza if the oven is hot enough. The temperature also defines the taste of the food. With the correct temperature, the pizza will have a crisp dough and well-baked ingredients. But you may prepare many other dishes in the pizza oven. And they require slightly different temperatures than a pizza. For example, vegetables need less heat because they can burn. You should prepare meat at medium temperature. So, measuring the pizza oven heat-up is important if you want to make delicious meals.

How to Measure Temperature in the Oven?

Earlier, people used diverse methods to define the temperature in the oven. You may use your hand or flour – they are still suitable to measure the heat level. However, it’s much easier to use the thermometer, which shows the exact temperature in a few seconds.

Infrared Thermometer

For the pizza oven, where the temperature is extremely high, you need a specific thermometer. And it is called infrared. It detects infrared ways and shows you which temperature is in a particular place.

You don’t need to be a professional to use it – you should put the device towards the oven like a gun and press a button. The thermometer will indicate the temperature immediately and show it on the screen. Also, you may choose Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees measurement.

The infrared thermometer has a wide range of applications. You can use it at home, in the workplace, or in your garage. But don’t measure the body temperature with the infrared device.

Smoke method

If you don’t have an infrared thermometer near you, or you don’t want to use the one, there is a simple smoke method. You just need to throw a pinch of flour into the oven. And then you should time how fast it takes to burn. If the oven has heated up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, the flour will burn in a few seconds.

This method is available for everyone. However, it has one significant disadvantage – you will never know the exact temperature inside the oven. Of course, you might see when you can bake nice pizza at the highest heat level. But if you need a lower temperature for preparing meat or vegetables, it will be challenging to define the right conditionals. In this case, the infrared thermometer will be more suitable and convenient.

Counting method

Besides the smoke method, you can also use your hand to check the temperature in the oven. You may carefully put it into the oven and count how long it is possible to keep it inside. If it takes 1-2 seconds, that means the temperature is excellent for pizza. It’s also perfect for making bread. In case you can keep your hand inside for 4-5 seconds without problems, then you can easily prepare fish or meat. This method won’t also be accurate, but you might try it sometimes.

How Hot Should It Be?

The highest temperature of 750 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for pizza cooking. If you want to grill steak or seafood, you should heat the oven to 550 degrees. The fish or roasted potatoes can be prepared at 450 degrees. At this temperature, you might also bake the meat like chicken and turkey. A little lowest one allows you to cook diverse slices of bread like sourdough, focaccia, and others.

Some Other Tips for Pizza Cooking

Here you will find some recommendations on how to check the oven temperature. And how to make a perfect pizza in a little time.

How long does it take to heat the pizza oven?

Heating the pizza oven all depends on the model. Devices that work on wood may require up to an hour or even more. If the weather is good and the wood is dry, you can do it faster. The gas pizza ovens take up to half an hour. It may seem that it’s pretty long, but the pizza will be ready in a few minutes if the oven has the correct temperature.

What is the best way to measure temperature in a pizza oven?

You can measure the temperature using some flour or your hand, but it will never show you the exact heat level. That’s why the infrared thermometer is the best way to measure temperature if you want to get highly accurate results. Thanks to this, you will be able to bake pizza and other dishes too.

Will it stay hot for long?

If you heat the oven enough, it will stay hot for long and allow you to bake four or more pizzas. It’s about half an hour or more. Such a feature depends on the pizza oven type too. However, if you want to increase the time when the device is hot, you may close the door when you don’t cook any food. But the opened door lets in more oxygen that allows a fire to burn longer. So, while baking, it’s better to keep it open.

Control the Temperature in Pizza Oven Correctly

Nowadays, you can measure the temperature in the pizza oven just in a few seconds. The infrared thermometer is perfect for this. It can also be used for other domestic purposes, but remember that it’s not for the human body.

You may also try other ways like the smoke or counting method. They are not so accurate, but if you need to determine the heat level, and you don’t have a thermometer, such techniques will be suitable. However, if you should know the correct temperature for making diverse dishes, the infrared thermometer will show the exact results without any effort.

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